To enhance the restore speed for PostgreSQL databases, the pg_restore command running the most time-consumping steps concurrently by providing the number of jobs with -j/--jobs.

Unfortunately the parallel restore can fail when restoring foreign keys due to not yet restored tables:

pg_restore: error: could not execute query: ERROR:  there is no unique constraint matching given keys for referenced table "page"
Command was: ALTER TABLE ONLY pagecontent
    ADD CONSTRAINT "$1" FOREIGN KEY (page_id) REFERENCES page(id);


Luckily the restore can be split into 3 phases:

# restore data definitions not handled in post-data (e.g. create tables, views)
$ pg_restore -d database -U user -h localhost -W database.dump --section=pre-data

# restore table data, large-object contents, and sequence values
$ pg_restore -d database -U user -h localhost -j 6 -W database.dump --section=data

# restore indexes, triggers, rules, and constraints other than validated check constraints
$ pg_restore -d database -U user -h localhost -W database.dump --section=post-data

I did run the last command without concurrency.

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