Inject Attributes to Spring Boot Controller Methods (HandlerMethodArgumentResolver)

During learning Spring Boot I noticed attributes to methods in Spring Boot controllers can be automatically injected.

To migrate my blog from Grails to Spring Boot I created an implementation to inject the current blog instance based on an session attribute.


Asset Pipeline Thymeleaf Taglib

Using the asset pipline in Grails, the production CSS and Javascript files have been including with a digest appendix. This feature is not available in Spring Boot, therefore I started to create a simple Thymeleaf tag library.


SSL Debugging with Arduino / ESP8266

I recently bought the 2.9″ ESPaper Plus Kit, WiFi ePaper display from ThingPulse.

To get this device working with my ansible configured SSL webproxy I had to get some additional debugging skills...


How to find the cause of "deleted object would be re-saved by cascade"

Sometimes if you do not properly delete objects in a Grails/GORM/Hibernate transaction the following error might occur:

deleted object would be re-saved by cascade (remove deleted object from associations)

This message is presented by the org.hibernate.ObjectDeletedException

After some hours of investigation I found a solution to find the cause!


MCabber Notifications in i3

On my new i3 setup I got no notifications of new MCabber events and messages.


Setup CyanogenMod on Google Nexus 10

Due to the decreasing performance of Android on my Nexus 10 and similar reports of other user I tried to install CyanogenMod 13. This caused some resolvable problems...


Seafile behind a proxy

My Seafile instance is running on a dedicated webserver behind a reverse proxy which is handling the SSL encryption.

This setup with the protocol change on one of the webservers does not work out of the box / this case is not documented in the official server documentation.


BASIC Auth with Oracle WebLogic

If you would like to do the authentification in Java application running on Oracle WebLogic, you will probably wonder why the Authentification-Header does not reach the Filter.


Logstash Log4j broken pipe with MDC attributes

We recently configured some applications to log with log4j's SocketAppender to Logstash.

When we startet to add MDC-Attributes we sometimes lost the connection:

| Error log4j:WARN Detected problem with connection: (broken pipe)


PDF nach Scan umwandeln

Beim Duplex-Scan mit hp-scan erstellt mir die Software ein PDF-Dokument, wo auf allen Seiten unten ein weisser Rand ist und jede zweite Seite um 180 verdreht ist.

Zum Glück gibt es Tools, welche diese Probleme in wenigen Schritten beheben können


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