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Workaround for missing DomainClassConverter in Spring Boot JUnit tests

In one of my projects I let Spring Boot automatically bind domain objects from the database.

This fails in the reduced unit test setup, because DomainClassConverter is not available. But it can be mocked!

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Formatting phone numbers using libphonenumber in Thymeleaf

The Google phone number parser & formatter is very helpful to ensure the same number format for user prodived data. To simplify the use in Spring Boot application with Thymeleaf I created a wrapping TagLib/ExpressionFactory.

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How to ensure you get a BindingResult instead of whitelabel error page when validating input

When I started to use Spring Boot I had some issues with the validation. The @Validated annotation triggered the validation as requested but the validation terminated with an org.springframework.validation.BindException instead of filling the BindingResult object.

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Configure Java/JDBC to connect to PostgreSQL with JRE certificate validation

Using the PostgreSQL JDBC driver since 42.2.5, the SSL behaviour changed which can cause FileNotFoundExceptions looking for .postgresql/root.crt.

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How to find the cause of "deleted object would be re-saved by cascade"

Sometimes if you do not properly delete objects in a Grails/GORM/Hibernate transaction the following error might occur:

deleted object would be re-saved by cascade (remove deleted object from associations)

This message is presented by the org.hibernate.ObjectDeletedException

After some hours of investigation I found a solution to find the cause!

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BASIC Auth with Oracle WebLogic

If you would like to do the authentification in Java application running on Oracle WebLogic, you will probably wonder why the Authentification-Header does not reach the Filter.

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Logstash Log4j broken pipe with MDC attributes

We recently configured some applications to log with log4j's SocketAppender to Logstash.

When we startet to add MDC-Attributes we sometimes lost the connection:

| Error log4j:WARN Detected problem with connection: java.net.SocketException: (broken pipe)

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Bewässerungsanlage mit Raspberry Pi

Um im Sommer Pflanzen nicht zu vernachlässigen habe ich das das Projekt einer automatischen Bewässerungsanlage gestartet... als Testumgebung nutze ich den Topf mit den Kräutern.

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Stehpult vom Computer aus steuern

Ein Stehpult ist ja schön und gut, aber ohne Verbindung zum Computer ist das doch langweilig...

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